The Hopeless Bromantic: World War L

I love the movie World War Z. Strangely and frighteningly, the zombies in that movie were all track stars. All ran sub 4.3 40’s at the NFL Combine.  All chased living humans that did not want to be a part of the undead.
No feelings...
No feelings…
I kinda look at love as the modern-day zombie. The weird kid on the playground, with the booger on its face that no one wants to play with, so they’re the last pick for team activities. Everyone seems to be running away from it. No one wants to be caught by it. Love seems to be running after people like the zombies in World War Z, trying to eat their faces and dig holes in their souls. We were all born with the innate ability to love one another wholeheartedly, yet we do our best to ignore that instinctual feeling. I believe that love is truly a gift from the creator which most of us wish we could return to the store.
Why have things become so cold? Why has love become so scary? When did we lose so much faith in one another? Where did instinct based, emotional bravery go? I know men that would shoot other men in the face before they decide to give their heart to a woman. On the flip side I know women, who used to chase love openly, close their hearts off for fear of failure. But is the fear of failure in a relationship a reason to completely turn off your emotions and scoff at the idea of loving again?
If you're scared...say you're scared!
If you’re scared…say you’re scared!
I’ve been told that I’m a “sucker for love”; that I’m a glutton for its punishment. I’m of the firm belief that “God is Love”. Not just the old Marvin Gaye song reference, but the idea that love is in direct correlation with the existence of God. If I have faith and believe that God exists, then a part of me believes that love, real, deep, enriching and fulfilling love, unconditional love does exist. I have married friends that can attest to this, although their relationships with their spouses are far from perfect.  I’ve had many disappointments in broken relationships over time, from my teenage years to current day. I’ve had my heart-broken and I’ve broken a few hearts. While I sometimes do my best to suffocate the hopeless romantic that resides within my spirit, I still believe. I still believe that I can find a wife to share a good life with. I still believe that love is perfect, but people are not. To all of those that run from love, due to past disappointments, I pose these questions: what are you afraid of? Are you really going to let your past experiences with bad people determine the way you handle your relationships in the future? Why would you let those people who are no longer a part of your life, have so much power over you? Why is it so hard to clean your slate? Do you realize that if we treated people the way we would want to be treated, that we wouldn’t have to worry as much about protecting our hearts? Are you willing to “be” the change you want to see in your dating life?

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